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Submissions are closed.

UPDATE: Submissions are closed while we are on hiatus.

Expedited Responses

We will respond to all non-expedited submissions between the 1st and the 15th of September. If you would like a super speedy response to your submission before then, we offer expedited responses for £3 that guarantee a decision within two working days of the date we receive your submission. To purchase an expedited response, please use the 'Donate' button at the bottom of the page. While making the donation you will be given the opportunity to add a note, where you should enter the following as shown: Expedited Response - Your first and last name - The email address you will use to send your submission - The submission type (poetry/essay/book review etc). As soon as you've paid, send your submission to, including 'Expedited Response' in the subject heading. We'll confirm receipt. Please note that expedited response submissions should still follow our submission guidelines. 

Submission Guidelines:

For poetry, send up to six poems or six pages of A4, preferably with single spacing and typed in 12 pt Amiri or Garamond, with each poem starting on a new page (with all the poems in one pdf or word document). Please not that we are unfortunately not accepting translated poetry at this moment.

For essays, we're mainly interested in anything that relates to poetry, poets, the poetry world and anything in between, but we're willing to fall in love with something we haven't thought of. Send up to three of no more than 3,000 words (in separate pdf or word documents).

For book reviews, we are only interested in reviews of poetry, relevant autobiography, and poetry related non-fiction. We encourage reviews that encompass multiple books. Send up to three of no more than 3,000 words (in separate pdf or word documents). We rarely accept unsolicited book reviews, but if you would be interested in writing reviews for us on a regular basis please check our 'About' page for details.

We also accept pitches for interview pieces and cover designs. For these, please send a brief email outlining your idea to (For all other submissions, you must use the submissions email mentioned below.)

If you are an author and have a book or manuscript that you would like Little Stone Journal to review, please send us an email with a PDF copy (or, where this is not possible, a generous sample) attached and the subject heading 'RR: [book title] by [author's name]'. If you are a publisherwe encourage you to add to your media mailing list!

All submissions must be previously unpublished, which means they can't have appeared anywhere in print, as part of a broadcast, or online (this includes posting them on social media, on your personal website, and on places like YouTube and SoundCloud). If we accept your work, we ask that you wait a minimum of three (3) months after your work has appeared in Little Stone Journal before publishing it elsewhere, and that you credit us with first publication with the words 'First published by Little Stone Journal.'

We do accept simultaneous submissions, but we ask that you notify us immediately if your submission is accepted elsewhere.


You may only submit once per category during a single submission window. For example, you may submit one poetry submission and one essay submission to Issue 03 but you would be unable to submit two poetry submissions. 

If you were published in our previous Issue, please do not submit in the same category to our current Issue. For example, if your poems were published in Issue 02 you can submit essays, book reviews or features to Issue 03 but must wait until Issue 04 to submit more poetry.

Please send poetry, essay and book review submissions to with your name and submission type in the subject heading, and include a brief covering letter in the body of your email. If you aren't sure how to write a covering letter, we recommend reading this article from the Poetry Society. We will respond to all Issue 03 submissions between the 14th and the 31st of August (please see top of page for expedited responses). Unfortunately, we cannot enter into correspondence over or offer feedback on unsuccessful submissions.

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